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Virtues in the Public Square is a twelve-hour multimedia course for college students to take at their place any time between August 29 to September 25, 2022. Access the course on, a social learning community and mobile app.

What will I learn?

You will explore seven virtueswisdom, justice, courage, temperance, humility, generosity, and friendship—through the lens of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The curriculum translates the classical traditions of virtue for modern audiences. 

What are the benefits?

  1. All undergraduate students admitted into this competitive program will receive a full scholarship.
  2. You will join a national cohort of experienced peers and leaders to explore how many spiritual paths can overlap to forge a common good.
  3. You will earn a professional certificate in “Virtues in the Public Square” to sync with your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Finally, you will earn a $100 Visa Gift Card for completing the course and surveys.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Complete the eight-question application below no later than August 28, 2022. 


Send an email to or start a live chat any time M-F 9 am to 5 pm Eastern (U.S.  holidays observed).

Virtues in the Public Square is made possible by generous support from